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Sector Vocationally Related Qualifications – Management Leadership and Business Skills

Management Skills Framework


Centre for Management Leadership and Business Enterprise Skills


The Jasper International Academy is pleased to introduce Foundation Awards in Leadership and Management that provide essential basic learning for businesses and individuals at a foundation level.

Who are the Awards for?

The Jasper International Academy Leadership and Management qualifications at Foundation Level are aimed at individuals within an organisation who are new in supervisory roles or wish to progress into a supervisory role or who are in a supervisory role and wish to enhance their skills or to gain a formal qualification.

How do they work?

The Awards are segmented into five specific functional areas that are required for a supervisory role at foundation level:

  • Managing and Leading People
  • Managing Finance
  • Managing Information and Communication
  • Managing Resources
  • Managing Personal Effectiveness

Each of the functional areas is divided into two or three Modules of learning, each Module containing 3 Units of learning covering a different subject. Foundation Awards are achieved for each functional area provided all learning has been completed and assessed.

Centre for Management Leadership and Business Enterprise Skills

How long does it take?

The Foundation Awards were designed with working students in mind so are segmented into three day blocks comprising of one Module and three units. This means that students can complete one Module at a time should continuous learning be difficult due to work pressures. Each function area has either two or three modules which means either six or nine days of attendance.

Centre for Management Leadership and Business Enterprise Skills

What Quality Standards do the Awards meet?

The Foundation Awards meet the standards of the European Qualifications Framework which means that learning hours and assessments have to comply with their quality standards. Each Foundation Award has to provide a minimum of 1-13 educational credits based on 10 hours of learning per credit. The Jasper International Academy Foundation Awards have been designed to be taught for six hours per Unit plus assessments which means that each Award falls well within the range.

Centre for Management Leadership and Business Enterprise Skills

When does assessment take place?

Due to the modular nature of the learning, assessment for each unit will take place on the day of tuition, either at the end of the day or shorter assessments during the course of the day. Students who do not complete the assessments will not be awarded the Foundation Award.

Assessments will take the form of multi-choice questionnaires, analysis of case studies or short pieces of written work. They are based on individual performance, not on group performance.

Centre for Management Leadership and Business Enterprise Skills

Can students just attend the courses without completing the Award?

On a practical level, Jasper International Academy is aware that some students may not wish to complete the Award but just attend the tuition. This is not an issue and they will be awarded an attendance certificate for each Module that they attend. It is not advisable to only attend Units as the Modules provide the full range of learning in the subjects they cover.

They will not be required to take the assessments. They will be able to attend the course with students who are there to complete the Award.

Centre for Management Leadership and Business Enterprise Skills

Who delivers the tuition?

Tuition is delivered by Specialist Managers who are also trained tutors who have real life practical experience in the subject area and will comprise of taught sessions, practical activities and analysis of case studies. The courses are very interactive and students will be expected to willingly take part in activities, particularly those wanting to gain the Award.

Centre for Management Leadership and Business Enterprise Skills


This is a flexible and practical suite of Awards that covers the full range of functional areas required for supervisory staff. The possibility for students to only attend Modules without needing to complete the whole Award adds a more ‘just in time’ learning dimension that fits into today’s business environment.

Centre for Management Leadership and Business Enterprise Skills

Managing and Leading People

Managing Finance
Managing Information and Communication
Managing Resources
Managing Personal Effectiveness

Centre for Management Leadership and Business Enterprise Skills


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