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What kind of an organisation are we? Jasper Global Corporation trades through its primary brands of Jasper International Academy and Jasper International Consulting.

Jasper International Academy are Human Capital Performance Specialists and we provide consultancy services in this area through Jasper International Consulting.

Jasper are not a Certifying College, University or Awarding Body! We are an Academy providing Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in specific specialist areas and then certify those courses we provide. We use the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) in order to validate our content and level for adoption and verification by academic or professional organisations.

This is a credit accumulation and transfer scheme (CATS).

We have Specialism’s and Specialists not Faculties and Lecturers.

We target and develop  competencies in leadership, management and business enterprise at 4 levels using a single management target skills framework model.

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Life and Career Skills, Core Subjects and Modern 21st Century Themes, Collaboration and Group Learning – Organizations rely on a range of fundamental and often intangible skills to ensure that they are able to fulfill their fundamental functions efficiently and effectively. These are the skills that keep the wheels of business turning.

Welcome to the Centre for Management, Leadership and Business Enterprise Skills where we advocate a target inclusive based leadership for business. Jasper Global Corporation (JGC) are strongly committed to our mission of advancing the understanding, practice and development of the very latest leadership thinking through Jasper International Academy.

Leadership tends to lend itself to fashion, there are over 80+ different leadership models to choose from many reinvented versions of research from the past. On all of our publicity materials you will see “Leadership  the productive and moral application of influence”.

“We believe that there is a target effective strand that runs through all leadership models, application and practice, if people can target leading in an inclusive manner it doesn’t matter what type of diversity they have in their team they can bring out the best in everyone. Inclusion creates more diversity, you can’t have one without the other”.

“An inclusive leader is somebody who is able to flex their leadership style in order to release the true potential in people who are like them, but also in people different to them. An inclusive environment is one where people are respected and valued for the differences they bring to work and the team and feel comfortable to be themselves at work.”

Robust practical business skills and specific knowledge in subjects are vital for leaders in a growing economy, which is why Jasper International Academy offers a flexible Prospectus of standalone vocationally related Certificates and Awards and Personal Competency Certificates that combine to build on key activities in the workplace. This enables students to develop themselves and their business skills while gaining internationally recognized qualifications and certification.

We provide this through our management and business enterprise 4 levels structure using a single management skills framework model.

It provides education and training to organisations in the public, government and private sectors around business improvement focusing on:

  • Target Business Improvement Skills
  • Target Management Skills
  • Target Leadership Skills

We target important areas in enabling the true value of human capital performance improvement. The model above is used as a baseline for delivering 4 levels of skills which acts as an overarching lifelong learning framework that can be delivered individually or mapped to the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) as below:

Level 3 – Target | Knowledge of facts, principles, processes and general concepts, in a field of work or study

Level 4 – Target | Factual and theoretical knowledge in broad contexts within a field of work or study

Level 5 – Target | Comprehensive, specialised, factual and theoretical knowledge within a field of work or study and an awareness of the boundaries of that knowledge

Level 6 – Target | Advanced knowledge of a field of work or study, involving a critical understanding of theories and principles

Jasper International Academy has delivered a wide range of short courses that underpins the model’s competencies to blue chip corporate clients internationally. We have a portfolio of courses that run between 3, 4, and 5 days at different levels.

Centre for Management Leadership and Business Enterprise Skills

Jasper International Academy Open for Business Enterprise Improvement

Does your business target and have the skills it needs to succeed in a fast paced changing market place and environment? Can you nurture talent, build the workforce of the future, boost your staff motivation and increase productivity and profitability? In today’s dynamic and competitive business environment companies must innovate in all areas of the business and to do that they need skilled people and wisdom.

Centre for Management Leadership and Business Enterprise Skills

Certified Foundation Award The Entrepreneur Leader

As part of our Centre for Management Leadership and Business Enterprise Skills we also have our Certified Foundation Award The Entrepreneur Leader. Business and entrepreneurship go hand in hand; to master one, you need to have a strong understanding of the other. Our entrepreneurship courses will provide you with the knowledge, skill- set and confidence you need to be able to set up or grow your own business venture.”.

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Centre for Management Leadership and Business Enterprise Skills

Centre for Management Leadership and Business Enterprise Skills

Jasper Global Corporation